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Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday MM104

Released at The Basement, Sydney, November 2000,
John's latest release
contains 12 new original
songs with an emphasis
on high octane, piano
driven funk.

FatTuesday is pure party music with brains and reveals John's rock & roll roots. Like road songs for the heart, each track delivers you one step closer to a satisfying journey's end. Once played you'll spin this album over and over again. "Hasn't been off my player since I got it..." - David Harbour, Radio Eastside, October 2000

Musicians on Fat Tuesday are, as The Basement notes "a band that's right in the pocket", John Hill - keys/vocals, Lloyd G - drums, Paul Berton - guitars, Chris Soulos - bass. Guests include, the Ralph Franke horns, Stu Hunter - hammond organ, Andy Thompson - sax, Paul Chenard - soprano sax and Cora James, Michelle Hendrick, Tina Harrod and Michael Finnigan on backing vocals.

Fat Tuesday finds John at his most direct but lacking none of his usual thoughtful lyrics and beautifully crafted music.

"Without a doubt, one of the local scenes most truthfully soulful performers..."
Craig N. Pearce, The Drum Media, November 2000

The Perfect Stranger

The Perfect Stranger MM102

Sound clip - Click here New Kind Of Man
Sound clip - Click here Long Distance Runner
Sound clip - Click here Dipping All The Colours

Released at The Basement, Sydney, September 1999, this CD containing 13 original songs, is designed for late night lounging. An album entirely of ballads the music is sparse & intimate, the Iyrics delve into the bittersweet land of love & longing.

The Perfect Strangers BAND
Using a core 4-piece band, John Hill - vocals/piano, Jonathon Zwartz - accoustic bass, Jackie Orszaczky - piccolo bass, Warren Trout - drums, the CD was recorded 'live' and captures the fine craftsmanship of the musician.

Additional Strangers
Peter Dasent - Accordion, Tina Harrod - Backing Vocals, Cora James - Backing Vocals, Craig James - Saxophones, Natasha Rumiz - Viola, Keith Sterling - Trumpets

All the songs on The Perfect Stranger were written during 1983 a particularly hectic year for John and acted as a balm to his frantic existence. His decision to record these songs so many years later grew out of the realisation that somehow from physical exhaustion, his guard was lowered and he tapped into these timeless pieces.

"Quietly impressive album.... gentle folk, cool soulful elements blending almost classical influences to create an original and startling amalgam of music"
Craig N. Pearce The Drum Media September 1999

Suite Sophia

Suite Sophia MM103

Sound clip - Click here Sophia's Song

Sound clip - Click here Class Act II

Sound clip - Click here Breathe

A limited edition album released mid 1999 "Suite Sophia" is a CD of ambient relaxation music. Sophia Brandjes is an inspirational 70 year old yogi and John was commissioned to score the music for her video "The Healing Touch Of Yoga"

Comprising of keyboards, saxophones and vocals he deliberately basedthe music on simple melodies to enhance relaxation or meditation whilst listening to this CD.

Craig James on saxophones displays his outstanding improvising skills and recorded 80 minutes of music in one take. Cora James not only did the vocals on this CD but also produced &directed the video.

If you wish to know more about yoga you'll find Sophia Brandjes on her website.

The Very Thing

The Very Thing MM101

Sound clip - Click here Night Out

Sound clip - Click here Kiss Her

Sound clip - Click here Swollen River Blues

Released in 1996 John Hill's debut solo CD contains 11 original songs of varying styles which showcases the breadth of his writing talent.

Funk, Pop, Blues, Jazz, Latin and even Country is blended seamlessly and this results in an album of many parts held together by one passionate voice.

Featuring 17 of Sydney's best singers & musicians including Sandy Evans - sax, Keith Sterling - Trumpet, Lloyd Swanton - Acoustic Bass, this CD is a testament to the quality of Australian talent.

Listen to The Very Thing then read the Iyrics as John Hill is a consummate wordsmith who takes pop beyond pulp and into poetry.

"Maestro of the keyboards... soulful, emotive voice and thinking man's Lyrics"
Sydney FM Music Guide CD Review June 1996

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