John Hill


      A first rate musician, John plays piano with purposeful and heartfelt intent and always in his own individual style.

      A singer, possessing a soulful, mellifluous voice - full of deep beauty and soaring exhilaration. his way with a melody is impeccable and highly original.

      A songwriter, par excellence, John writes music, from the heart and lyrics, that will illuminate the mind before touching your soul.

      An entertainer, of wit and honest charm - a warm and personable performer who often makes the audience feel that each song is an intimate message for them alone.

      Based in Sydney, Australia, John has performed in all musical forums including cocktail music, singing piano bars, backing solo artists, jazz trios, theatre shows and rock & roll bands.

      John regularly performs and records with A-list of Aussie musicians and is highly regarded by his peers.

      John Hill is the quintessential singer/piano player and is always a total professional and highly original artist.

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